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L&O Criminal Intent - Episode Guide Saison 6

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Season 6


Season 6, Episode 1: Blind Spot
Original Air Date: 19 September 2006
When a murder case bears eerie similarities to a serial murder case from the past, Goren's reclusive profiling mentor comes in to help the investigation. But nobody realizes that Eames may be the next target.

Season 6, Episode 2: Tru Love
Original Air Date: 26 September 2006
After the death of a plastic surgeon, the detectives begin to look into his questionable background and find out his son may have his own unsavory shortcomings.

Season 6, Episode 3: Siren Call
Original Air Date: 3 October 2006
After an inebriated teenage girl is murdered, Goren and Eames turn the microscope on a small town, but accusations against a local advertising big-wig and resistance from the local police complicate the investigation.

Season 6, Episode 4: Maltese Cross
Original Air Date: 10 October 2006
The murder of a fireman, stabbed 22 times, ends up in a brawl between NYPD and FDNY, leading to a hearing before the Commissioner for Logan and Wheeler, and a possible repeat killer.

Season 6, Episode 5: Bedfellows
Original Air Date: 17 October 2006
When a prominent historian is found dead, the prime suspects include his unfaithful wife and her lover, and his deadbeat brother who owes millions of dollars in crooked financial schemes.

Season 6, Episode 6: Masquerade
Original Air Date: 31 October 2006
A man confesses to murdering a young beauty queen, but his story doesn't add up. But the investigation into how the confessor received confidential details of the crime could lead Goren and Eames to the real killer.

Season 6, Episode 7: Country Crossover
Original Air Date: 7 November 2006
The suspects in the murder of a record producer include a disreputable nightclub owner, an eccentric bouncer aspiring to be a rap star, an ambitious young singer who may have been having an affair with him, and her jealous husband.

Season 6, Episode 8: The War at Home
Original Air Date: 14 November 2006
The police commissioner's daughter, an Iraq war veteran, disappears on Thanksgiving Day. Goren and Eames have been assigned to the case, but Goren is preoccupied with his sick mother.

Season 6, Episode 9: Blasters
Original Air Date: 21 November 2006
Logan and Wheeler discover that the recent murder of a former child star has links to an Albanian mob.

Season 6, Episode 10: Weeping Willow
Original Air Date: 28 November 2006
Logan and Wheeler investigate the cyber-kidnapping of a popular female video blogger--something that many people suspect to be a hoax.

Season 6, Episode 11: World's Fair
Original Air Date: 2 January 2007
The death of a Pakistani-American female college student is connected to her family's disapproval of her boyfriend and their desire for a prearranged marriage.

Season 6, Episode 12: Privilege
Original Air Date: 9 January 2007
A single mother is murdered, and Goren and Eames discover that she was about to reveal some disturbing secrets about her old-money New York socialite family.

Season 6, Episode 13: Albatross
Original Air Date: 6 February 2007
Goren and Eames suspect that a prominent New York politician's corrupt, womanizing husband is involved in the murder of a judge. But the investigation reveals that that he was the actual target of the hit.

Season 6, Episode 14: Flipped
Original Air Date: 13 February 2007
Logan and Wheeler are assigned to a case involving the murder of a rap singer, but they believe that an undercover cop working for a hip-hop task force may be sabotaging their investigation.

Season 6, Episode 15: Brother's Keeper
Original Air Date: 20 February 2007
The murder of a prominent minister's wife appears to be connected a blackmail attempt and a mysterious DVD. Meanwhile, Goren's mother takes a turn for the worse, and Robert stumbles upon his long-missing, troubled brother.

Season 6, Episode 16: 30
Original Air Date: 27 February 2007
Detective Logan investigates the polonium poisoning of an old journalist friend, and accidentally stumbles onto a story about an American martyr in Palestine that Logan suspects the Israeli government doesn't want released.

Season 6, Episode 17: Players
Original Air Date: 27 March 2007
Logan investigates the murder of a judge's son, and suspects that somebody that he put away may have had him killed for revenge. Meanwhile, detective Wheeler learns that her long-lost father may still be alive.

Season 6, Episode 18: Silencer
Original Air Date: 3 April 2007
Members of the radical deaf community are suspects in the murder of a doctor who provides cochlear implants. But the investigation proves troublesome when members refuse to cooperate because of their contempt for the hearing public.

Season 6, Episode 19: Rocket Man
Original Air Date: 1 May 2007
A female astronaut is found murdered in her hotel room on the morning of a press conference. The investigation leads to several suspects, including a jealous professional rival, an ex-boyfriend and a married space-shuttle commander (Tate Donovan) with whom the victim was having an affair.

Season 6, Episode 20: Bombshell
Original Air Date: 8 May 2007
The death of a stripper-turned-celebrity's son appears to be an accidental overdose, but when the woman (Swanson) dies days later after giving birth, the case becomes a homicide investigation that seems to involve the paternity of the newborn.

Season 6, Episode 21: Endgame
Original Air Date: 14 May 2007
While questioning a serial killer on death row, Goren discovers that he may have a connection to his dying mother.

Season 6, Episode 22: Renewal
Original Air Date: 21 May 2007
A police recruit is found murdered and his girlfriend becomes a suspect. Logan's date stands him up because she is dead. Logan suspects foul play.
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And the winner is...

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