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--------------------- Saison 4 ---------------------

Saison 4 Episode 1 - The Wrath of Graham
First aired: 6/17/2007
A high school student develops an ability after injecting promicin. Tom visits Isabelle in jail, while Diana searches for her missing sister. Following the advice of a young woman, named Cassie, Kyle is able to wake Shawn from his coma. Jordan Collier's conscience gets to him. Meanwhile, NTAC gets a new director.

Saison 4 Episode 2 - Fear Itself
First aired: 6/24/2007
Tom and Diana search for someone who has the ability to make people's worst fears come true. Danny seeks Shawn's help to find a promicin shot. Meanwhile, Cassie leads Kyle to a book that contains a prophecy about Jordan Collier.

Saison 4 Episode 3 - Audrey Parker's Come And Gone
First aired: 7/1/2007
Audrey Parker develops the ability to astral project from her body after taking Promicin. But when she is murdered she tries to use her ability to lead Tom and Diana to her killer. Shawn decides to start healing again even though he is warned by the government to stop. Meanwhile, Ben and Maia return to Seattle to visit Diana.

Saison 4 Episode 4 - The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
First aired: 7/8/2007
April's new ability puts her in danger. Meanwhile, Shawn is approached to run for public office. Kyle helps Isabelle.

Saison 4 Episode 5 - Try the Pie
First aired: 7/15/2007
After realizing Tom knows he is promicin-positive, Kyle joins Jordan in a remote town called Evanston. Tom follows Kyle, and learns the remarkable truth about Evanston: all of its residents are promicin-positive. Meanwhile, Maia's visions are giving her nightmares, which leads Shawn to make a difficult decision.

Saison 4 Episode 6 - The Marked
First aired: 7/22/2007 Production Code: 406
Jordan wants Shawn to rejoin the movement. Meanwhile, Tom and Diana search for a 4400 with an amazing ability.

Saison 4 Episode 7 - Till We Have Built Jerusalem
First aired: 7/29/2007
Jordan and his followers move to Seattle. Meanwhile, Maia disappears and Shawn has trouble on his campaign trail.

Saison 4 Episode 8 - No Exit
First aired: 8/5/2007
Jordan and his followers along with NTAC agents must work together when they are trapped inside NTAC headquarters.

Saison 4 Episode 9 - Daddy's Little Girl
First aired: 8/12/2007
Richard hopes to start over and kidnaps Isabelle from Jordan Collier's Promise City. Meanwhile, Tess has taken over a diner and Shawn is asked to intervene.

Saison 4 Episode 10 - One of Us
First aired: 8/19/2007

Saison 4 Episode 11 - Ghost in the Machine
First aired: 8/26/2007
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