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!! The Unit - Episode Guide Saison 1

Message par Bob le Lun 20 Nov - 22:05

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: First Responders
Original Air Date: 7 March 2006

Season 1, Episode 2: Stress
Original Air Date: 14 March 2006
The team, minus Bob, goes to Africa to retrieve a satellite. Meanwhile, Bob is tasked with a job he finds humiliating and is interrogated by the FBI. Kim puts aside frustration to help another wife.

Season 1, Episode 3: 200th Hour
Original Air Date: 21 March 2006
Jonas is sent to Indonesia to rescue a group of American missionaries in hiding. Back at home, Bob gets caught out in a training exercise performed in front of a senator.

Season 1, Episode 4: True Believers
Original Air Date: 28 March 2006
The team, ordered to protect the Mexican Drug Minister, has to shift into high gear to rescue his family after they are kidnapped. Tiffy is upset when Mack's ordered some alone time, and Molly takes steps to protect the unit.

Season 1, Episode 5: Non-Permissive Environment
Original Air Date: 4 April 2006
When an assassination is called off too late, the unit must separate and find their own ways home. Back at home, the Blane's daughter returns from college unexpectedly.

Season 1, Episode 6: Security
Original Air Date: 11 April 2006
The team goes under cover at the Iranian embassy in Lebanon seeking evidence of the sale of nuclear materials by Russia to Iran. Tiffy is observed meeting someone at a hotel.

Season 1, Episode 7: Dedication
Original Air Date: 18 April 2006
While on the way to a mission, another team's helicopter is forced to make a crash landing, and Blane must decide whether to follow orders and abandon them. Back at home, Molly discovers some disturbing things about Ron Cheals.

Season 1, Episode 8: SERE
Original Air Date: 25 April 2006
The unit takes on a grueling exercise of torture and humiliation.

Season 1, Episode 9: Eating the Young
Original Air Date: 2 May 2006
Jonas and his team must track down and destroy a shipment of surface-to-air missiles after negotiations for their purchase break down.

Season 1, Episode 10: Unannounced
Original Air Date: 9 May 2006
Bob advises Jonas to cancel a dignitary's planned visit after someone blows Bob's cover while he's training soldiers in Africa.

Season 1, Episode 11: Exposure
Original Air Date: 9 May 2006
The son of a former unit member is now a reporter working on a story that threatens the team. The Day of the Dead forces Bob to make a moral choice.

Season 1, Episode 12: Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Original Air Date: 16 May 2006
The team investigates a bomb at an Atlanta bank. Bob takes Kim on a vacation.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Wall
Original Air Date: 16 May 2006
The team works with the French U.N. forces to serve a warrant on a Bosnian war criminal. Jonas discovers Molly's secret. Tiffy and Mack make decisions. Colonel Ryan makes a sudden announcement.

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