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!! "Brothers and Sisters" Episode Guide

Message par Bob le Lun 20 Nov - 21:40

Season 1


Season 1, Episode 0: Unaired Pilot
Original Air Date: ????

Season 1, Episode 1: Patriarchy
Original Air Date: 24 September 2006
Kitty Walker returns home to California after having been estranged from her mother for three years. Meanwhile, William Walker brings Sarah into the family business, where she soon discovers some glaring financial discrepancies that could undermine the Walker family's way of life.

Season 1, Episode 2: An Act of Will
Original Air Date: 1 October 2006

Season 1, Episode 3: Affairs of State
Original Air Date: 8 October 2006

Season 1, Episode 4: Family Portrait
Original Air Date: 15 October 2006

Season 1, Episode 5: Date Night
Original Air Date: 22 October 2006

Season 1, Episode 6: For the Children
Original Air Date: 29 October 2006

Season 1, Episode 7: Northern Exposure
Original Air Date: 5 November 2006
Needing the cash to help the business survive, the family decides to sell its ranch house. Nora sees this as a perfect opportunity for a final family get-together in a place of so many fond memories; the family disagrees.

Season 1, Episode 8: Mistakes Were Made: Part 1
Original Air Date: 12 November 2006

Season 1, Episode 9: Mistakes Were Made: Part 2
Original Air Date: 19 November 2006
Nora continues to reminisce about the days immediately following 911 while Justin recovers from his OD. Kitty attempts to use influence with a Senator to get Justin out of the army. Tommy, Sarah and Kevin road trip to the Nevada desert to check on a piece of land that their father owned.

Season 1, Episode 10: Light the Lights
Original Air Date: 10 December 2006
Sarah, Tommy and Saul discover that Holly owns 1/3 of the Nevada land. They attempt to undermine her and buy her out for far less than the actual value of the property. Paige is concerned that God has not heard her prayers and cured her diabetes and thinks that getting in touch with her Jewish heritage might help. Nora goes overboard in teaching the young girl about Judaism and Hannukah. Witt offers Kitty a show revolving around her and tells her of his plans to phase Warren out. She considers accepting the Senator's job offer. Kevin represents Justin at a hearing attempting to get Justin a 3 month stay before reporting for duty.

Season 1, Episode 11: Family Day
Original Air Date: 7 January 2007
Holly, now a shareholder at Ojai Foods tells Saul, Sarah and Tommy that she wants an office and a job. They are reluctant but give in when Holly tells them she will sell her stock to competitors if they do not give in to her demand. Not to be undone Nora comes to work as well.Sarah and Tommy put the two together in one office. Holly proposes that Ojai buy a vineyard and start making wine. Kitty is still considering the job offer from Sen. McCallister despite Kevin's opposition because of the Senator's stand on gay marriages. Sarah catches Gabe sneaking vodka out of the house and she and Joe disagree on how to handle the situation. Kitty accepts the job from the Senator. Justin is in rehab and all of these conflicts and frustrations pour out at Justin's group Family therapy session.

Season 1, Episode 12: Sexual Politics
Original Air Date: 14 January 2007
Kitty contacts a dating service when everyone on the Senator's staff think she and McCallister are an item. Kevin meets an actor at the gym and the two really hit it off but confusion sets in when he tells Kevin he's not gay...but all the signals are saying he is. Sarah and Joe try to have a fun night out to put some laughter back in their marriage but parenthood calls. Julia's pregnancy makes her very easily aroused and Tommy, though delighted at first, soon begins having a difficult time keeping up with her. Nora tries Kitty's dating service as well and the results for both women have them deciding to swear off men and dating.

Season 1, Episode 13: Something Ida This Way Comes
Original Air Date: 21 January 2007
The family plans to throw Nora a surprise 60th birthday party but the surprise is on them when Nora and Saul's mother Ida arrives unannounced. The party will be a big bash with about 40 guests attending and lots of liquor but things start going wrong fast. Sarah, the chief planner comes down with the flu and is forced to delegate her responsibilities to Kevin...who doesn't want them. Tommy gets Justin out of rehab for the party but learns that in order for Justin to attend alcohol must be banned. Sarah had unknowingly ordered a Medieval theme instead of 'MidLevel' and her and Joe's sex tape makes an unwelcome debut at the party. Kitty asks the Senator to attend and he charms Nora and slowly begins making romantic headway with Kitty.

Season 1, Episode 14: Valentine's Day Massacre
Original Air Date: 11 February 2007

Season 1, Episode 15: Love Is Difficult
Original Air Date: 18 February 2007

Season 1, Episode 16: The Other Walker
Original Air Date: 4 March 2007

Season 1, Episode 17: All in the Family
Original Air Date: 1 April 2007

Season 1, Episode 18: Three Parties
Original Air Date: 8 April 2007

Season 1, Episode 19: Game Night
Original Air Date: 15 April 2007

Season 1, Episode 20: Bad News
Original Air Date: 29 April 2007

Season 1, Episode 21: Grapes of Wrath
Original Air Date: 6 May 2007

Season 1, Episode 22: Favorite Son
Original Air Date: 13 May 2007

Season 1, Episode 23: Matriarchy
Original Air Date: 20 May 2007
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!! Re: "Brothers and Sisters" Episode Guide

Message par Bob le Jeu 3 Jan - 21:40

Season 2
Season 2, Episode 1: Home Front
Original Air Date: 30 September 2007

Season 2, Episode 2: An American Family
Original Air Date: 7 October 2007

Season 2, Episode 3: History Repeating
Original Air Date: 14 October 2007
Kevin defends Scott in a DUI case; Justin continues to refuse medication; Julia decides to take her daughter and move back home to Arizona temporarily; Robert's ex-wife plans to tell all on the Larry King show.

Season 2, Episode 4: States of the Union
Original Air Date: 21 October 2007

Next US airings:
Sun. May 25 10:02 PM ABC

Season 2, Episode 5: Domestic Issues
Original Air Date: 28 October 2007

Season 2, Episode 6: Two Places
Original Air Date: 4 November 2007

Season 2, Episode 7: 36 Hours
Original Air Date: 11 November 2007
Kitty Walker Has a sonogram and discovers the fetus is dead. She is faced with a D&C Isaac Marshall Is brought in by Kitty to help with the campaign. Robert is not happy about this because they had a falling out in a previous campaign. Robert does not appreciate Isaac's underhanded methods. Justin Walker Increases his dependence on medication and turns to a pusher for supply Holly Harper Is understanding of daughter Rebecca's dilemma and supports her in sharing Justin's continuing addiction by telling the Walker family. Nora Walker Starts out in great excitement over planning Kitty's wedding to Robert. She and Sarah are faced with the task of organizing the event within two days. Problems arise when Rebecca reveals that Jason's addiction has returned. This leads to an intervention in the family home. Tommy Walker Embarks on an affair with his secretary Lena Branigan who Increases her attentions to Tommy leading to problems. Sarah Whedon Is faced with the runaway of her daughter. Paige Whedon who discloses her distress over the divorce. Sarah and Joe have another fight. Joe Whedon Accuses Sarah of failing to provide stability for Paige. But, finally agrees to shared custody. Saul Holden Comes to terms with his love for another man and confides in his sister, Norah. Kevin Walker Is unable to reach Father Jason at his missionary camp. When he learns that chef student Scotty runs into financial problems meeting his tuition, rent, etc. he offers him space in his apartment.

Season 2, Episode 8: Something New
Original Air Date: 25 November 2007
Holly advises Rebecca to be herself around the Walkers, which actually works. Now part of the wedding party, Rebecca prompts Kitty to stand up and not compromise on her special day. Sarah is wooed professionally and considers branching out overseas. Nora contacts her first love via email and resumes their friendship. Julia comes back to Tommy, and the tension at work builds following his office flirtation. Kevin and Scott become closer.

Season 2, Episode 9: Holy Matrimony!
Original Air Date: 2 December 2007
Kitty and Robert get married.

Season 2, Episode 10: The Feast of Epiphany
Original Air Date: 13 January 2008

Season 2, Episode 11: The Missionary Imposition
Original Air Date: 10 February 2008

Season 2, Episode 12: Compromises
Original Air Date: 17 February 2008

Season 2, Episode 13: Separation Anxiety
Original Air Date: 20 April 2008

Season 2, Episode 14: Double Negative
Original Air Date: 27 April 2008

Season 2, Episode 15: Moral Hazard
Original Air Date: 4 May 2008

Season 2, Episode 16: Prior Commitments
Original Air Date: 11 May 2008

Season 2, Episode 17: Episode #2.17
Original Air Date: ????

Season 2, Episode 18: Episode #2.18
Original Air Date: ????

Season 2, Episode 19: Episode #2.19
Original Air Date: ????

Season 2, Episode 20: Episode #2.20
Original Air Date: ????

Season 2, Episode 21: Episode #2.21
Original Air Date: ????

Season 2, Episode 22: Episode #2.22
Original Air Date: ????
And the winner is...
And the winner is...

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