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Message par Bob le Mar 25 Juil - 19:49

Continuity: The "comet" is close enough for Titan missiles to reach it in a couple of minutes, and then is shown to be passing the moon on its way to Earth.

Factual errors: The object heading toward Earth is projected to land at a location described in degrees "north longitude" and "west latitude".

Factual errors: The Titan missiles continue to show contrails as they approach the "comet" even though the comet is in space. Rocket contrail would require atmosphere to form.

Factual errors: The US launched 24 Titan II missiles at the "comet". The last Titan II missile was decommissioned in 1987.

Errors in geography: In the pilot episode, Lily and Richard talk in a coffee shop. At one point, a TransLink trolley bus passes by the window. TransLink is the public transit authority of Vancouver, where this was filmed.

Errors in geography: In the street scenes of Episode 1.2, street lamp banners show that the location is the Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver.
And the winner is...
And the winner is...

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