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Saison 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Resurrection

Original Air Date—22 September 2008
With the help of Wolfe and an ATF agent, Horatio stages his own death
as part of a plan to get Ron Saris and a shipment of fused-alloy
bullets off the street.
Season 7, Episode 2: Won't Get Fueled Again

Original Air Date—29 September 2008
The investigation of a badly-burned corpse at a beach party leads CSI to a fuel smuggling ring with ties to human trafficking.
Season 7, Episode 3: And How Does That Make You Kill?

Original Air Date—6 October 2008
The daughter of Delko's therapist is murdered, and a number of her
mother's most troubled and ex-con patients come under suspicion.
Season 7, Episode 4: Raging Cannibal

Original Air Date—13 October 2008
The discovery of a dead ultimate fighter in The Everglades leads CSI to
a case involving extortion and a fight club owned by the Russian mob.
Season 7, Episode 5: Bombshell

Original Air Date—20 October 2008
As the team investigates a bomb explosion that killed a 17-year-old
girl in a clothing store dressing room, Horatio discovers that Julia
Winston and Kyle are facing new troubles.
Season 7, Episode 6: Wrecking Crew

Original Air Date—3 November 2008
The only witness to a mob-related murder is killed by a runaway crane,
but Horatio is determined to make sure the killers are brought to
Season 7, Episode 7: Cheating Death

Original Air Date—10 November 2008
CSI Miami - Episode Guide Saison 6

A tanning butler is found murdered in a hotel bed next to a
housewife-prostitute. However, the woman claims that she was drugged
and has no recollection of the crime.
Season 7, Episode 8: Gone Baby Gone

Original Air Date—17 November 2008
A baby girl is stolen from her mother in a crowded area in broad
daylight, and the investigation takes an unlikely turn when CSI
discovers that the mother's husband is not the biological father.
Season 7, Episode 9: Power Trip

Original Air Date—24 November 2008
A sadistic killer of young women strikes again, one year after the
original crime. However, CSI soon discovers that the trail may lead
back to the police officer who investigated the original crime.
Season 7, Episode 10: The DeLuca Motel

Original Air Date—4 December 2008
While investigating a homicide at a seedy motel, CSI discovers that
Delko has been staying at the hotel and may have been the target of a
shooting himself.
Season 7, Episode 11: Tipping Point

Original Air Date—15 December 2008
A reformed gang leader recently out of prison offers to help Horatio
bring down his gang from the inside after it is suspected to be
involved in the death of a community leader.
Season 7, Episode 12: Head Case

Original Air Date—12 January 2009

Season 7, Episode 13: And They're Offed

Original Air Date—????

Season 7, Episode 14: Smoke Gets in Your CSIs

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 15: Episode #7.15

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 16: Episode #7.16

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 17: Episode #7.17

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 18: Episode #7.18

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 19: Episode #7.19

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 20: Episode #7.20

Original Air Date—????
Season 7, Episode 21: Episode #7.21

Original Air Date—????

Season 7, Episode 22: Episode #7.22

Original Air Date—????
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