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Les Retours Saison 2008/2009 Empty Les Retours Saison 2008/2009

Message par Jennierouge le Mar 22 Avr - 20:16

Quelles sont les chances de voir nos séries l'année prochaine?
Voilà un classement des series à risque avec une note sur 10 pour leur chance de revenir à l'automne.
Une épreuve difficile pour les séries. (le sujet sera constamment mis à jour selon les news)

Et vous laquelle voulez vous revoir en septembre?

Aliens in America
The bad news: The ratings suck.
The good news: The show doesn't. It's really funny. And smart. And the CW knows it.
Odds of Survival: 3

Back to You
The bad news: It didn't experience enough of an American Idol bump back in February to make it a lock for next season.
The good news: Fox is as enamored of the show as Kelsey Grammer's character is enamored of himself.
Odds of Survival: 7

Big Shots
The bad news: Horrible show even worse ratings = buh-bye.
The good news: Lots of really talented actors are free to appear in better TV shows!
Odds of Survival: 0

Boston Legal
The bad news: That cast doesn't come cheap. And they'll come even less cheap next year.
The good news: It continues to be a solid, if not spectacular, performer for ABC.
Odds of Survival: 6

The bad news: Nestor Carbonell is back on Lost!
The good news: Nestor Carbonell is back on Lost!
Odds of Survival: 2

Cashmere Mafia
The bad news: Viewers gave it a lukewarm reception and critics give it a downright chilly one, making Mafia a likely candidate for getting whacked.
The good news: One less Sex and the City clone to clog up the airwaves!
Odds of Survival: 0

The bad news: Oh, where to begin....
The good news: I can stop feeling sorry for the inimitable Julie White. She deserves better, and maybe now she'll get it!
Odds of Survival: 0

Eli Stone I love you
The good news: Following Desperate Housewives, it scored its highest ratings since its premiere. Even more importantly, ABC loves it! (et moi aussi wink )
The bad news: Eli's audience is still relatively tiny.
Odds of Survival: 7

How I Met Your Mother
The bad news: Rumor has it not everyone at CBS loves this show.
The good news:
Ted and the gang have been on a ratings roll since their Britney bump.
The laffer is also the Eye's youngest-skewing show. Translation: Wait
for it, wait for it... they'd be insane to cancel it!
Odds of Survival: 8

Las Vegas
The bad news: For starters, it's been canceled.
The good news: NBC has yet to release the actors from their contracts, raising hopes for a possible two-hour wrap-up.
Odds of Survival: 0
Odds of Closure: 2

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
The bad news: There was no mention of the show at NBC's "infront" last month.
The good news: It's still a contender at USA.
Odds of Survival: 5

Life Is Wild
The bad news: The cast and crew are already out of Africa.
The good news: CW has yet to officially cancel it. But that may be because they forgot it exists.
Odds of Survival: 0

Men in Trees
The bad news: The audience is small…
The good news: … but passionate. And loyal. And resourceful. It also enjoys solid support at ABC, schizophrenic scheduling aside.
Odds of Survival: 5

The bad news: Another backstage shake-up has left the series without a show-runner.
The good news: Fans are batty over this vampire drama and have even gone so far as to organize a blood drive with the Red Cross to draw attention to it.
Odds of Survival: 8

New Amsterdam
The bad news: The fact that Fox trimmed its initial order for the show doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
The good news: It's held up surprisingly well ratings-wise.
Odds of survival: 6 4

The New Adventures of Old Christine
The bad news: CBS doesn't own the show. It does, however, own Rules of Engagement, and the buzz is that the network only has room on its sked for one of them.
The good news: It's the funniest traditional sitcom out there. Plus, ABC is waiting in the wings to pick it up should the Eye cancel it.
Odds of Survival: 6
Odds of moving to ABC if CBS should cancel it: 10

The bad news: Creatively, it failed to live up to the lofty expectations we had for it after that flawless pilot. And the ratings? Hellish.
The good news: Um, the pilot was really good! And there's no denying that there's a decent show in there. Somewhere.
Odds of Survival: 4

The bad news: James Woods is a, um, colorful personality. I'll just leave it at that.
The good news: Earned solid, if not spectacular, ratings on Sunday night.
Odds of Survival: 5

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The bad news: For as much money as Fox poured into this show in terms of promotion and special effects, it should've done better.
The good news: The network seems to think it will do better next season — it's already staffing up.
Odds of Survival: 9
UPDATE: It's been renewed!

The Unit
The good news: Performed consistently for the Eye.
The bad news: As expensive as it is to produce, it needs to be doing consistently better.
Odds of Survival: 5

Women's Murder Club
The bad news: I hear the cast and crew are looking for other work.
The good news: After knocking at death's door, Club landed a new show-runner and three more episodes to prove itself. It'll have to if it wants a second season.
Odds of Survival: 4
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Les Retours Saison 2008/2009 Empty Re: Les Retours Saison 2008/2009

Message par Cilou le Mar 22 Avr - 20:29

J'ai pas vu toutes ces séries, mais Aliens in America est vraiment une série géniale, ça fait longtmepq eu j'ai pas suivi mais ça m'a fait rire...

J'ai vu le pilot de New Amsterdam, et il était bien aussi, je me le réserve pour plus tard quand mes séries favories vont s'arrêtés, alors j'espère qu'elle va être renouvelée...
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Les Retours Saison 2008/2009 Empty Re: Les Retours Saison 2008/2009

Message par roxanne le Mar 22 Avr - 22:35

Voilà les séries que j'aimerais revoir à la rentrée...
Tout d'abord Cashmere mafia,j'ai vraiment bien accroché avec cette série.Le fait qu'elle me rappelle Sex and the city n'y est pas pour rien!
Ensuite je vais dire How I Met Your Mother,un sitcom que j'ai découvert il n'y a pas longtemps.J'ai dévoré les 3 saisons en moins de deux semaines!
Pour le reste il y a des séries avec qui je n'ai pas accroché et il y en a aussi que je n'ai pas encore visionné!
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Les Retours Saison 2008/2009 Empty Re: Les Retours Saison 2008/2009

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