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House MD Guide des épisodes Empty House MD Guide des épisodes

Message par Bob le Sam 22 Juil - 2:42

Season 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot16 November 2004
Young kindergarten teacher Rebecca Adler collapses in her classroom after uncontrolled gibberish slips out of her mouth while she is about to teach students.

Season 1, Episode 2: Paternity23 November 2004
The team help a high school boy (16) who has double vision and night terrors. (Clinic Cases: Unvaccinated baby, man with boil on leg.)

Season 1, Episode 3: Occam's Razor

30 November 2004
A college boy whose low blood pressure does not respond with IV fluids peaks House's curiosity. Clinic Cases: A woman who had a cold last week, man with a sore throat, woman whose leg hurts after running 6 miles, a boy and his MP3 Player.

Season 1, Episode 4: Maternity

7 December 2004
A nightmare scenario hits Princeton Plainsboro when babies in the maternity ward are hit by a potentially fatal epidemic. Clinic Cases: Woman with a parasite!

Season 1, Episode 5: Damned If You Do
14 December 2004
Dr. House's approach raises questions when he treats a nun for what he believes to be an allergy, not realizing that her past is coming back to haunt her.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Socratic Method21 December 2004
When it appears that Lucy Palmeiro, a schizophrenic mom with deep vein thrombosis, is lying about her alcohol intake, Dr. House is the lone voice of reason. Under the scrutiny of her hyper-vigilant teenage son, House takes Lucy off all her medication and secretly sends Foreman and Chase to search her apartment for clues.

Season 1, Episode 7: Fidelity
28 December 2004
A woman comes down with symptoms of African sleeping sickness, but there seems to be no way she could have contracted it. House and his aides must ask a few tough questions and make some tough decisions in order to try to save her.

Season 1, Episode 8: Poison
25 January 2005
A high school boy has hallucinations and collapses during an exam. When he does not respond to treatments, and the normal tests are negative Foreman presents the case to House. Clinic Cases: A happy old lady.

Season 1, Episode 9: DNR
1 February 2005
A famous and paralyzed jazz musician has trouble breathing and passes out during a session, but it is his unexplained paralysis that concerns him most. The team's job is made more complicated by a DNR order that House thinks is a mistake. Clinic Cases: A diabetic man in denial.

Season 1, Episode 10: Histories
8 February 2005
A homeless woman collapses at an illegal rave house. Foreman blows off the consult that Wilson asks for, and House is intrigued by Foreman's and Wilson's reactions. Clinic Cases: A mother with lots of kids; House pretends to be ill so he ends up teaching med students about taking histories.

Season 1, Episode 11: Detox
15 February 2005
A girl crashes a Porsche after her boyfriend starts coughing up blood and continues to have unexplained bleeds. Clinic Cases: Cuddy give House a month off clinic duties if he can spend a week off his pain meds.

Season 1, Episode 12: Sports Medicine

22 February 2005
A detoxed sports star about to make his comeback breaks his arm due to brittle bones. Clinic Cases: Woman with leg pain; man trying to remove his contact lenses; a dentist with various issues and a hung over teenager; all in 70 seconds.

Season 1, Episode 13: Cursed

1 March 2005
A young boy has a fever for over a week after a Ouija board predicts he will die. Clinic Cases: Chase's case of a man with numb fingers.

Season 1, Episode 14: Control
15 March 2005
Could House save a high powered female executive from the same problem that left him in constant pain? A new head of the hospital board could cause problems. Clinic Cases: A boy and his mute dad.

Season 1, Episode 15: Mob Rules
22 March 2005
A Mob informer collapses before trial. Is he faking or is he really in a coma? Clinic Cases: A pair of brothers come in when the youngster gets toys stuck up his nose.

Season 1, Episode 16: Heavy
29 March 2005
A morbidly obese ten-year-old girl has a heart attack, and her mother insists that House and his team look past her weight to find the diagnosis. Meanwhile, Vogler pressures House to fire a member of his staff. Clinic Patients: Unidentified man with an infected pierced scrotum; overweight woman with a 30-pound tumor on her ovaries who refuses to have it removed, because she worries she will be unattractive.

Season 1, Episode 17: Role Model
12 April 2005
House treats a Black presidential candidate, whom House is convinced has AIDS, but the Senator's passion convinces him otherwise. Also, Vogler forces House to give a speech endorsing a new drug from Vogler's company, but House has plans of his own.

Season 1, Episode 18: Babies & Bathwater
19 April 2005
While House and his team scramble to discover what's causing brain and kidney dysfunction in a pregnant woman, Vogler is on the warpath to get House fired.

Season 1, Episode 19: Kids
3 May 2005
During an meningitis outbreak which overwhelms the clinic, House is drawn to a single patient: a 12-year-old competitive diver whose symptoms don't quite match everyone else's.

Season 1, Episode 20: Love Hurts
10 May 2005
House seems to give a young man a stroke, but the real problem may be the patient's sexual fetishes. Meanwhile, House and Cameron go on a date.

Season 1, Episode 21: Three Stories
17 May 2005
House's ex Stacy Warner asks him to treat her husband. House takes over a diagnostics class for a day and presents the class with three case studies of leg pain. As House tells his story and the class gradually fills up with listeners, the class learns a lot about how to be better doctors, and Chase, Foreman and Cameron learn some important details of House's past.

Season 1, Episode 22: The Honeymoon

24 May 2005
In the season one finale, House doses his ex-wife's new husband in order to get him into hospital after she begs House to treat him. Is House treating Mark differently in order to get back at Stacy for his leg?
And the winner is...
And the winner is...

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House MD Guide des épisodes Empty House MD Guide des épisodes Saison 2

Message par Bob le Sam 22 Juil - 2:49

Season 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Season 2, Episode 1: Acceptance
13 September 2005
House treats a patient on death row while Dr. Cameron avoids telling a patient she has a terminal illness.

Season 2, Episode 2: Autopsy
20 September 2005
A very brave and mature 9-year-old girl has terminal cancer, but that is not what the problem seems to be.

Season 2, Episode 3: Humpty Dumpty

27 September 2005
Cuddy joins the team after her handyman falls off of her roof and begins to develop bizarre symptoms.

Season 2, Episode 4: TB or Not TB
1 November 2005
A doctor champions against the epidemic of TB in Africa, possibly at the risk of his own life.

Season 2, Episode 5: Daddy's Boy
8 November 2005
The team takes care of a student with inexplicable electrical shocks, and House's parents visit.

Season 2, Episode 6: Spin
15 November 2005
A professional bicycle racer collapses at a meet, and the team must come up with a different cause after the patient admits to using drugs. House and Stacy continue sparring with each other.

Season 2, Episode 7: Hunting

22 November 2005
House reluctantly takes on the case of Kalvin, a man who is HIV Positive. The HIV medicine he has been taking has greatly improved his immune system but he continues to get sicker. When Kalvin starts coughing up blood, he accidentally coughs some on Cameron and there's a chance she may contract the disease. In the wake of this, he tries to convince Cameron to be a little more free-spirited as the start to a happier life. Meanwhile, in a bid to improve his relationship with Stacy, House makes it his mission to capture a rat that is running around her house.

Season 2, Episode 8: The Mistake
29 November 2005
Chaos ensues after Chase's negligence leads to the death of a female patient. Now, after an inquiry from the hospital board, and a subpoena from the patient's brother, it's up to Stacey to protect Chase's career, as well as House's.

Season 2, Episode 9: Deception
13 December 2005
A woman collapses at an off-track betting parlor in front of House, and he must battle his new boss to find her diagnosis.

Season 2, Episode 10: Failure to Communicate
10 January 2006
When a famous writer is brought in with language difficulties, House must assist via phone while waiting for a delayed plane.

Season 2, Episode 11: Need to Know
7 February 2006

Season 2, Episode 12: Distractions
14 February 2006

Season 2, Episode 13: Skin Deep
20 February 2006

Season 2, Episode 14: Sex Kills
7 March 2006

Season 2, Episode 15: Clueless
28 March 2006

Season 2, Episode 16: Safe
4 April 2006

Season 2, Episode 17: All In
11 April 2006
On a class field trip, a teacher discovers that her five-year-old student Ian is bleeding profusely. Dr. House thinks Ian has the same unknown disease that killed an elderly patient of his years ago.

Season 2, Episode 18: Sleeping Dogs Lie
18 April 2006
The relationship between a liver donor and the intended recipient throws the team into an ethical quandary.

Season 2, Episode 19: House vs. God
25 April 2006
House takes on a teenage faith healer. Tension escalates between Cameron and Foreman.

Season 2, Episode 20: Euphoria: Part 1
2 May 2006
A police officer in critical condition has bizarre symptoms. Dr. Foreman finds himself in an unpleasant situation.

Season 2, Episode 21: Euphoria: Part 2

3 May 2006
House tries radical procedures to save Foreman's life. Foreman's father visits.

Season 2, Episode 22: Forever
9 May 2006
House and the team try to save the lives of a young mother and her newborn son. Foreman struggles to regain normalcy in his life.

Season 2, Episode 23: Who's Your Daddy?

16 May 2006
House's ex-band mate Crandall brings in a teenage girl who is having hallucinations about Hurricane Katrina. Cuddy looks for a sperm donor.

Season 2, Episode 24: No Reason

23 May 2006
An old patient of House comes back and seeks revenge upon him in the form of gunshot.
And the winner is...
And the winner is...

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House MD Guide des épisodes Empty House MD - Episode Guide Saison 3

Message par Bob le Sam 22 Juil - 2:51

Season 3


Season 3, Episode 1: Meaning
Original Air Date: 5 September 2006
Richard, a husband and father living with brain cancer, drives his wheelchair into a pool at a family BBQ. Everyone but his son think that it was suicide from the pain but House will stop at nothing to figure out his true ailment.

Season 3, Episode 2: Cane and Able
Original Air Date: 12 September 2006
Clancy, a 7 year old boy, who believes he is being tortured by aliens comes to the hospital because of rectal bleeding. When House, who thinks he did not solve his last case and it's affecting him physically, finds a metal object in his neck where Clancy claims a chip has been planted and when a cell with different DNA is found, the team has to give his alien theory more credit. But House's humiliation from his last case and worsening leg pain cause him to back out, forcing Cuddy, who lied to House about curing his last patient, to rethink her decision to withhold the information.

Season 3, Episode 3: Informed Consent
Original Air Date: 19 September 2006
Ezra Powell, a renowned pioneer in the field of medical research, collapses in his lab. House is struggling after the ketamine treatment wore off and doesn't want to talk about it. When the team put Ezra through rigorous diagnostic tests and don't come up with anything conclusive Ezra demands the team to help him end his life. Now the team goes through twists and turns of the moral dilemma of ignoring his wishes or to assist in his suicide and abide by Ezra's wishes.

Season 3, Episode 4: Lines in the Sand
Original Air Date: 26 September 2006
A ten-year-old boy begins screaming in pain, but nobody knows why, because he is autistic and cannot explain. House refuses to use his office. Cuddy does not know why, because he is House and will not explain.

Season 3, Episode 5: Fools for Love
Original Air Date: 31 October 2006
A husband and wife being treated cause Foreman to ponder the strength of true love, and House abuses one too many patients with potentially devastating repercussions.

Season 3, Episode 6: Que Sera Sera
Original Air Date: 7 November 2006
A "suicidally" obese man in a coma presents treatment challenges, but finding out what's wrong with him may be the most challenging test of all. Elsewhere, Tritter ramps up his vendetta against House.

Season 3, Episode 7: Son of Coma Guy
Original Air Date: 14 November 2006
When the son of a man in a vegetative state starts going into a coma, the vegetative man is reawakened chemically by House, who hopes to get some clues to the son's problems.

Season 3, Episode 8: Whac-A-Mole
Original Air Date: 21 November 2006
A young man collapses at his job, and House makes a game of establishing the diagnosis until things turn critical, and Tritter increases the pressure on Wilson.

Season 3, Episode 9: Finding Judas
Original Air Date: 28 November 2006
While a little girl's life and limbs are in jeopardy, Tritter becomes more manipulative and House suffers withdrawal.

Season 3, Episode 10: Merry Little Christmas
Original Air Date: 12 December 2006
Wilson presents the deal to House and then convinces Cuddy to back him up, meanwhile the team is flummoxed by a patient's condition and various members keep seeking out House for his opinion even though he may not be prepared to assist.

Season 3, Episode 11: Words and Deeds
Original Air Date: 9 January 2007
House checks himself into rehab just before his trial, but a different game entirely may be afoot. Elsewhere, the team attempts to treat a firefighter who can't stop shivering.

Season 3, Episode 12: One Day, One Room
Original Air Date: 30 January 2007
Stuck with clinic duty, House almost wishes he had the boring patients back after he encounters a young woman with an STD and the need to talk.

Season 3, Episode 13: Needle in a Haystack
Original Air Date: 6 February 2007
A young man is stricken during sex with his girlfriend, and House must determine why his organs are suddenly shutting down. Finding the cause is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Season 3, Episode 14: Insensitive
Original Air Date: 13 February 2007
On Valentine's day House meddles in relationships as he works to diagnose a teenager who has a genetic inability to feel pain.

Season 3, Episode 15: Half-Wit
Original Air Date: 6 March 2007
House struggles to find out why a pianist savant is losing his ability to play. Ultimately, a decision must be made as to how much brain is necessary for a normal quality of life.

Season 3, Episode 16: Top Secret
Original Air Date: 27 March 2007
A patient whose relative has called in a favor with Cuddy presents with nonspecific minor symptoms that turn life-threatening, but House is distracted by a dream and an inability to urinate.

Season 3, Episode 17: Fetal Position
Original Air Date: 3 April 2007
When a pregnant woman has a stroke, the team is at a loss after all tests reveal nothing, but when her organs start shutting down Cuddy takes over the case.

Season 3, Episode 18: Airborne
Original Air Date: 10 April 2007
House and Cuddy are flying back to the US from an international conference in Singapore. While en route a mysterious disease strikes one passenger and an epidemic unfolds, causing House to diagnose in midair since they have missed the halfway mark by passing the north pole. Back in Princeton, Wilson and House's lackeys have a confusing case of what is ailing a woman who came into the clinic and proceeded to have a seizure.

Season 3, Episode 19: Act Your Age
Original Air Date: 17 April 2007
A young girl is ailed with diseases that usually strike people much older than her 6 years of age. But before House can diagnose her, her brother starts exhibiting the same symptoms she was admitted with. During all of this House gives Wilson tickets that a patient had given to him for a play. Ensuing a discussion on why men take women to plays. Wilson decides to take Cuddy and the tug of war with House for her affections begins, although Cuddy insists that she only went with Wilson as a friend.

Season 3, Episode 20: House Training
Original Air Date: 24 April 2007
The cause of a woman's TIA stumps the team, and Foreman's family visits.

Season 3, Episode 21: Family
Original Air Date: 1 May 2007
Wilson is preparing his 14-year-old patient, Nick, for a bone marrow transplant when the donor, Nick's younger brother Matty, suddenly starts sneezing. Since Nick's immune system has been destroyed by the chemotherapy for his cancer, he cannot risk a marrow donation from Matty while Matty is ill. House decides that the fastest way to find out what's wrong with Matty is to make him worse. As the boys get sicker and sicker, House and his team race to cure Matty before both brothers die. Meanwhile, House battles Hector (his newly adopted dog) for supremacy and Foreman can't stop thinking about last week's mistake.

Season 3, Episode 22: Resignation
Original Air Date: 8 May 2007
A 19-year-old college student, Addie, starts coughing up blood during karate class and ends up one of House's cases. Foreman hands in his resignation before treating the woman and refuses to explain why. Although her symptoms show no signs of it, House is convinced that an infection is causing Addie's bleeding. Her lungs start filling with fluid and House's team believes a toxin or cancer is to blame for Addie's illness but are unable to change House's mind. Addie continues to get worse and House wants to do an extremely risky life-or-death treatment in order to confirm his diagnosis; the team starts to ask whether House cares about making a diagnosis more than Addie's own life. Meanwhile, House becomes interested in Honey, a young, attractive nutritionist who brought her boyfriend to the clinic for treatment. He gets her to fill out an employment application (for Foreman's soon-to-be vacated position) and arranges to meet her again in a more casual situation.

Season 3, Episode 23: The Jerk
Original Air Date: 15 May 2007
A teenage chess-player assaults another player and the team struggles to determine whether the problem is organic or psychological.

Season 3, Episode 24: Human Error
Original Air Date: 29 May 2007
A woman and her husband are rescued from the middle of the ocean when their trip from Cuba to the US goes awry. While in air the man conveys that his wife is sick and that they need to see Dr. House. Unfortunately the medical records of the man's wife we're lost at sea when the Guard made him leave the suitcase that contained them in the ocean. Tensions rise high in the Diagnostics department on the eve of Foreman's departure and the almost Sci-fi case that they are working. At the very end House is left with an immense conflict to be resolved in the next season.
And the winner is...
And the winner is...

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House MD Guide des épisodes Empty House MD - Episode Guide Saison 4

Message par Jennierouge le Mer 26 Sep - 17:04

Season 4
Season 4, Episode 1: Alone
Original Air Date: 25 September 2007
House is off his game without the team, and Wilson uses an extreme tactic to force him into interviews.

Season 4, Episode 2: The Right Stuff
Original Air Date: 2 October 2007
House is forced to choose a new staff... and gathers 40 applicants to start narrowing down the field. Meanwhile, an Air Force pilot wants House to treat her secretly so she doesn't ruin her chances of becoming an astronaut.

Season 4, Episode 3: 97 Seconds
Original Air Date: 9 October 2007
Down to 10 candidates for his team, House splits them into 2 groups to diagnose a patient whose short lifespan has been made even shorter. Foreman leads his own team to diagnose a patient at his new workplace.

Season 4, Episode 4: Guardian Angels
Original Air Date: 23 October 2007
A woman seeing her dead mother stumps the recruits, especially once she begins seeing a recent victim.

Season 4, Episode 5: Mirror Mirror
Original Air Date: 30 October 2007
A victim of a mugging presents with neurological symptoms and begins to mirror the behaviors of his doctors. Foreman joins the new fellows in seeking a diagnosis; Cameron and Chase takes bets on who House will fire next.

Season 4, Episode 6: Whatever It Takes
Original Air Date: 6 November 2007
House is taken by black helicopter to help diagnose a dying CIA agent, leaving Foreman in charge of the team trying to find out why a young woman passed out after a drag car race.

Season 4, Episode 7: Ugly
Original Air Date: 13 November 2007
House and his team are hampered by a reality television crew whilst battling over possible diagnoses for a craniofacial surgery patient.

Season 4, Episode 8: You Don't Want to Know
Original Air Date: 20 November 2007
A magician's heart stops during a performance. At first House dismisses the case, but later changes his mind when complications arise. House has a contest to determine the next one to leave the team.

Season 4, Episode 9: Games
Original Air Date: 27 November 2007
House treats a rock musician, and some of the candidates have to get past their personal biases, Wilson misdiagnoses a patient, and the winners are named.

Season 4, Episode 10: It's a Wonderful Lie
Original Air Date: 29 January 2008
House is equally obsessed with a mother and daughter who don't lie, and using Christmas to create discord among the team members.

Season 4, Episode 11: Frozen
Original Air Date: 3 February 2008
When a researcher at a South Pole base becomes ill, House must diagnose the case at a distance. Meanwhile, House tries to find out who Wilson is dating, and his new staff tries to get him cable.

Season 4, Episode 12: Don't Ever Change
Original Air Date: 5 February 2008
A woman collapses at her wedding. She led a different life style before her marriage, House insists she hasn't changed. Wilson starts dating Amber.

Season 4, Episode 13: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Original Air Date: 28 April 2008
House encounters a patient who is too nice for his own good, which is a bigger problem than his emergency room diagnosis; and House competes with Amber for Wilson's attention.

Season 4, Episode 14: Living the Dream
Original Air Date: 5 May 2008
House finds himself at odds with his team when he becomes convinced that an actor on his favorite soap, "Prescription Passion," has a serious medical condition.

Season 4, Episode 15: House's Head
Original Air Date: 12 May 2008
A bus that House was riding crashes. House claims there's a victim on the bus that's dying, but not from the bus accident. He stops at nothing to figure out who the patient is and what is ailing them.

Season 4, Episode 16: Wilson's Heart
Original Air Date: 19 May 2008
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House MD Guide des épisodes Empty Re: House MD Guide des épisodes

Message par Jennierouge le Sam 10 Jan - 0:36

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Dying Changes Everything

Original Air Date—16 September 2008
House's preoccupation with Wilson leaves his team without direction and
endangers the patient, a female whose exhaustive work schedule and
demanding boss may have caused her condition.
Season 5, Episode 2: Not Cancer

Original Air Date—23 September 2008
Years after receiving body parts from an organ donor, five out of six
recipients die within a few months, but not from organ rejection. House
and the team race against time to figure out why before the final
surviving recipient, a young woman who received the donor's cornea,
mysteriously dies as well. House retains a comical private investigator
to investigate patients, doctors, and his estranged friend, Wilson.
Season 5, Episode 3: Adverse Events

Original Air Date—30 September 2008

Next US airings:

Thur. Jan. 1511:00 PMUSA
Season 5, Episode 4: Birthmarks

Original Air Date—14 October 2008
House tries every delaying tactic available when Wilson forces him to
attend his father's funeral. Meanwhile, the team tries to find the
cause of a young woman's abdominal pain and hemorrhage that occurred in
Next US airings:

Fri. Jan. 911:00 PMUSA
Season 5, Episode 5: Lucky Thirteen

Original Air Date—21 October 2008
Thirteen's one night stand collapses at her apartment, and her symptoms
are so misleading that the diagnosis may be terminal. Meanwhile,
revelation about Wilson and Thirteen occupy House.
Next US airings:

Fri. Jan. 1611:00 PMUSA
Season 5, Episode 6: Joy

Original Air Date—28 October 2008
House takes on a case where the patient has unexplained blackouts, and
his daughter may hold the key to the diagnosis. Meanwhile, Cuddy
prepares for her new arrival until there are complications with the
birth mother.
Season 5, Episode 7: The Itch

Original Air Date—11 November 2008
House takes time to dabble in Cameron and Chase's love life while he treats an agoraphobic patient she's brought to the team.
Season 5, Episode 8: Emancipation

Original Air Date—18 November 2008
The team tries to treat a patient who keeps lying to them, and Foreman exerts some independence.
Season 5, Episode 9: Last Resort

Original Air Date—25 November 2008
A person takes House, Thirteen and others as hostages. He's seen
several doctors but none have found what ails him. As they work towards
finding a solution, Thirteen makes decisions which leads her to think
about her own condition.
Season 5, Episode 10: Let Them Eat Cake

Original Air Date—2 December 2008
The drug trial brings back memories for Thirteen; Kutner and Taub
scramble as they try to salvage a scam and save the team's patient
whose gastric bypass may not have saved her life.
Season 5, Episode 11: Joy to the World

Original Air Date—9 December 2008
A obese teenager collapses on stage. The outcome will lead to a
surprise for Cuddy. Wilson convinces House to be nice to his patients
during the holidays. Foreman and Thirteen have issues when a trial
patient drops from the program.
Season 5, Episode 12: Painless

Original Air Date—19 January 2009

Season 5, Episode 13: Episode #5.13

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 14: Episode #5.14

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 15: Episode #5.15

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 16: Episode #5.16

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 17: Episode #5.17

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 18: Episode #5.18

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 19: Episode #5.19

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 20: Episode #5.20

Original Air Date—????
Season 5, Episode 21: Episode #5.21

Original Air Date—????

Season 5, Episode 22: Episode #5.22

Original Air Date—????
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VoSeries Rocks

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