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Vendredi 18 Avril

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Canterbury's Law

Sick as Your Secrets
9 pm/ET FOX New
Elizabeth's tactics suggest she'll do just about anything (legal or otherwise) to win a case, but in tonight's season finale, we learn there are lines even she will not cross. Of course, there are loopholes in her scruples when she defends an admitted rapist — something she said she'd never do — namely that the confessor is a former client who has turned his life around in the years since the crime was committed. And it looks like Elizabeth's principles will come out unscathed, until an inflammatory talk-radio host starts whispering in the ear of the victim.

Battlestar Galactica

The Ties That Bind(#4.3)
10 pm/ET SCI FI New
We weren't invited to the wedding of Cally and Tyrol, but we're reasonably certain that their vows did not include a promise to "love, honor and cherish, even if one of us is secretly a Cylon." The honeymoon's over for our favorite space mechanics after Cally discovers a problem with her hubby that would stump an army of marriage counselors.

Doctor Who

Voyage of the Damned(#4.0)
And the winner is...
And the winner is...

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