Les filles de Samantha Who ? (en VO)

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Les filles de Samantha Who ? (en VO)

Message par Cilou le Lun 14 Avr - 19:32

Did you ever think the gals of Samantha Who?, which returns to ABC tonight, sound more like truckers than sophisticated ladies? No, not when they are onscreen. But when the camera stops rolling...

I caught up with Melissa McCarthy, who plays Sam's former friend Dena, and she revealed to me when that she and pals Christina Applegate and Jennifer Esposito are chatting it up, they really like to let it all hang out.

"We’re not prissy girls,” Melissa says. “I always think, if anyone hears us, they are going to be offended or frightened, but it’s just us saying horrible things to make us laugh. It’s just goofy and stupid. And enjoyable." Melissa adds that Christina has "a crazy sense of humor... But she’s a really grounded worker. In the 18th hour of a workday she’s still right there and being nice and funny and helping keep the energy up for everybody. She’s really impressive. She’s like this tiny little thing, but she’s kind of bionically strong in that sense."

Source : OK Magazine
Carrie Bradshaw/Gossip Girl
Carrie Bradshaw/Gossip Girl

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